Friday, April 2, 2010

Well, its been a long time ^_^

Hey All!!

So I need to continue on with my Tokyo trip with Liz (part two), but am currently not with my computer....thus now with my pictures :(. Sad huh? See, right now I am in Kakogawa staying with my dear friends Ashley and Celestia. We have been having GOOD times. I have much to say...but you'll probably just have to wait until I'm back in America....sorry!

By the way, I will be back in America on the 6th of April...soo soon!!! I cannot believe how fast time has flown by...its rather sad.

If you'd like a brief preview to the awesomeness of our Kyoto adventure, please go to this link:

My friend Ashley is a wizard with the mac video maker and we had soo much fun watching her put this clip together, so you'd better like it!!

More later,