Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hello there!!

I have decided to keep this blog as an update source for all the fun things I do instead of making a new blog every time! And the next year and half of my life promises to be interesting :). 

I have been called to serve in the Taiwan, Taichung Mission!! I report Jan. 5th, 2011. Less than ONE MONTH away. Pretty crazy excited about that. 

While I can only use the internet to e-mail my family, I will have this blog maintained by my dear mother. She is going to post the e-mails I send out. This way you won't get all of those forwards (which while fun are sometimes just an inbox filler no?). So if you want to see how I am doing, just check out the blog! I will send pictures for Mom to post too hopefully. 

Along with that, every comment made will be sent to me :). So comment and I'll feel happy :). 

My current address will also be put on the blog if you would like to send some snail mail--which will be appreciated!

Love you all and keep in touch (I'd be happy with one letter sometime in the next year and half :P ). 

---Sister Melissa Brooke Smith