Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Latest Adventure: Eternal Marriage

Hey there!!! I haven't blogged in awhile, not sure if anyone even reads this anymore--I certainly neglected it for the past year. I have come to appreciate this blog as a sort of personal remembrance though, so if no one reads it but me, all the better! Hopefully my (future) kids will find this interesting...and not think their mom is too crazy :). Definitely a little crazy though.

ANYWAY, the point is I am a married woman! A new adventure has begun and it is amazing. In January on this year I went on a blind date and on August 17th I married him for time and all eternity. Seem short? Yep, for those who have talked to me about my dating views before, this is the ONE thing I promised to NEVER do. So naturally I did it! And I am so grateful for it because it is the best decision I ever made.

I think we are cute too :).

Andy and I decided together that an eternal marriage (a marriage preformed in a temple of God) was our goal and we would settle for no less. We were rewarded for our commitment to each other to stay morally clean and place Christ as the center of our relationship. Because Christ is the center of our marriage, I feel so at peace with this huge decision! I know we have the same goals and it brings comfort to my soul. Together, we want to live a life of service to our God and to each other. It is the most worthwhile endeavor of my life and it has already brought me tremendous happiness :). Andy is great and I love him with my whole heart. 

All for now, but I will try to keep this updated a little better! Everyday is an adventure. 


Brooke George

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