Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last Blog from MTC

Hey all!!
So tomorrow (February 8th) it is off to Taiwan with this Sister Smith!!! Packing and getting ready today has been quite crazy, to say the least. However, all the bags are packed and I have a  super Huge personal item I hope they will allow....hopefully. The problem is the language materials they gave us come up to a whopping 30pounds. Yep. So with two bags at 50 and one carry on that HAS TO BE 15 pounds (which is barely my clothes for the two days of training we have at the mission home). Sigh. Sad day, but all is well. Plus I have this nice little Trader Joe's bag April Alvarez gave me and so that is my "personal item". It probably weights like twenty five Pray for me that it will all work out :).
Despite the stress of all of that, I made a goal to not let it get to me and to keep up a good attitude. So far so good :). It really does make a difference if you can do things with a happy nature. My dear dear friend Karen Billings is leaving today at 430!! She is going to be serving in the Philippines!!! We were so lucky to be able to see each other every day and it really made things a bit brighter here at the MTC. I know she will be a fabulous missionary.
I also saw Robbie Campbell several times this week!! It was great seeing him. Already a missionary that one! He will be great out in the field.
I am excited to try and call all of you tomorrow!!! It will have to be short though--if I have to call everyone seperately it will probably only be like seven minutes each most! I am sorry!!! But I love you all and it will be great to hear your voices.
Well, We have had many great experiences this week, but the best was probably experiencing all of rougher stuff. This week Satan has really been working on trying to discourage me. Luckily I know on who I rely---the Lord my Savior. He can replace all of my feelings of inadequacy with His love and power. It has been great to develop a stronger relationship with Him and to conquer my fears and doubts. Satan didn't really stand a chance :P.
I love you all so much, this is probably all I can do today--we have sooooo many little odds and ends to finish up with and then CLASS at 6 to 9:30. And I woke up at 5:20 so I could do my laundry early to ensure enough time for packing. Our packing day just happened to fall on our P-day sadly. Oh well, life goes on and I love you all so much!

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