Monday, January 31, 2011

Only 1 more week at the MTC

Hello there family and friends!!!!
Another week has come and gone--soo fast it seems! This week has been a pretty exciting one for us in the 18th Zone :). Several of our districts received their travel papers and it was pretty crazy! My district all got travel plans too...except for me! I figured that must mean my visa hadn't come through and I was going to be reassigned for a bit. Here I come Texas!! Lol, but then my companion, Sister Bray, looked at her papers (she was the appointed travel leader and has a list of everyone she is in charge of) and I was on the list!! They had just sent my travel papers to my old district's mailbox!! Not really sure why, but I was pretty stoked none-the-less! So It looks like I will be heading to Taiwan on the 8th of February!!!!!!!!! We don't report to the travel office until 8am and the plane doesn't take off until like 1130, so things should be pretty chill. Our whole zone has been pretty excited! Eleven of us will be leaving--about three districts. The two French elders (our zone leaders) already left this morning to their Mandarin speaking Missions in France. Another French born in California missionary will be leaving to France (again Mandarin speaking) on Friday.  Anyway, I am pretty pumped that my visa came through and I will be heading out soon!!!! It seems a little strange since I will have been here barely five weeks! Some of the poor missionaries going to Spain, Brazil and Mexico have been here over 13 weeks due to visa problems and many are being reassigned.
Well, life is great!!! I love my district and zone soo much. We are all pretty close and it is amazing to feel the Spirit so much here. We had an awesome speaker this past Tuesday--Elder Evans and his dear wife. She spoke on the impact us going on missions has had on those we have left behind. He spoke on Thomas Monson! It was soo amazing. He said that the reason for the stories are to remind of us of things that we can do in our own lives that will make us more Christlike. I love the stories because they just show how much the Lord can use us to help others feel of His love. He also shared with us some awesome quotes about how we are on the Lord's errand and thus we are entitled to the Lord's help. I need to have faith always that the Lord will take care of me because this is an important work. We also listened to an older Sheri Dew talk about how we are the Great and Noble ones written about in the scriptures. Read Abraham 3 and D&C 138--waaaaay good. Also, read Mormon Chap. 1. It can show us that even though the world is getting worse and worse, we can stay focused on Christ and remain strong. Pay attention to how this happens to Moroni!

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