Monday, January 10, 2011

First Report from the MTC & Please send mail via ""

We get mail two times a day and it is always soo much fun to get letters. I really love it so much :). Also, it is free while I am in the MTC so I think all of my friends and family members should use it!!  So, I am absolutely LOVING the MTC!!!!!! I have had such a great experience and it has not even been a week yet.
My companions are Sister Pomeroy from Austin, TX and Sister Miller from Draper, UT. We all get along really well :). Sister Pomeroy taught English in China for a semester and has had a year of Chinese classes so her Chinese is getting good fast. Sister Miller hasn't had any previous experiences, so it has been difficult for her. But she is doing soo well. In fact, she can already pray in mostly Chinese. It is amazing what can happen at the MTC when the Spirit is with you.
Here is a journal entry I want to share from this morning:
"My first p-day at the mtc!! It is pretty exciting and much needed. We still follow a schedule and we still have personal and companion study. I haven't been moved to another district yet!! Yay! I am enjoying every moment I have with Sister Pomeroy and Sister Miller. It is so fun with them. I love being with them. To recount a little of yesterday--Sunday was absolutely AMAZING!  It seems busy, but it is filled with so many special activities. We were able to watch 30 min of the Spoken Word before r.s.. A sister Clayton spoke and she was just super cute. Gave us great advice on how to make our experiences the best by putting them in a positive light, thinking kindly of our comps and elders, and a few other things I have written down elsewhere. I am glad I have started to keep a good study journal! I think it will be a great help to me for the rest of my mission.
Probably the best thing about yesterday was the powerful mtc devotional we had. Bro Heaton (MTC admin. director) invited all the missionaries who are new converts to the church (less than two years) to talk about their conversion stories. We ran out of time for them all!! But the ones we did hear were amazing. Everytime I heard them I saw my parents. I especially saw my father since he went on a mission after only one year of membership. The Spirit was sooo strong and the Lord Testified to me that I am here because of my parents. It made me so excited for these new missionaries' future families. And it showed me when I get to be a part of."
I love God and I am soo excited for this opportunity to serve. I have learned a lot, made a few mistakes, and have tons of learning to go. I am supposed to be switching into a different district who will be leaving in six weeks. Things haven't really been too clear about that yet, but it doesn't matter cause I am happy just to be here. I love my companions and am excited to be with new ones too. I know the possible comps I will have, but I think they aren't sure who to put me with yet. I should know by tomorrow when class resumes. Maybe tonight!

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