Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Leaving MTC February 8th

Life has been pretty good--it was a bit of a rough week what with being in a new district with a new schedule and all, but I think I've got things figured out! Plus the Lord has been answering a lot of prayers :). This past Tuesday the Gongs came and spoke to us at the MTC!!! Sister Susan Gong was my Chinese teacher at PHS, so it was pretty awesome seeing her! Of course, she didn't see me, but it was still cool. I actually sang in the choir :). It was really awesome and I love it!! Unfortunately with the schedule I have in the Chinese pilot district, I usually have class during Choir practice, so I probably won't be participating in it anymore. The Gongs were amazing and gave us such words of comfort and good cheer. They spoke on reasons we have to rejoice and it was just a great reminder that even though the work is hard and times will be tough, the Lord is with us and has given us such amazing promises and blessings. If we can but endure with joy, all will be well.
On Sunday we had a Brother Allen speak to us on much the same thing. He gave reminded us that we are the elite troops if Jesus Christ. We have been called by revelation and so we will be sustained if we obey with exactness and give it our all. He also reminded us that because we have promised to do such a great thing, Satan is very displeased with us and will do all in his power to stop us from being effective missionaries. He went on to identify the four phases that come with every new experience. First is the honeymoon stage--you love everything!! Then comes the hostile stage--you hate everything. The main part with the hostile stage is that we are focusing inward instead of looking outward. Thus the problem lies within us and requires an attitude adjustment. The best way to escape the hostile stage is to serve others. Then comes the Grin and Bear it stage. We don't necessary love everything, but we are willing to stick with it and to give it our all. In time we reach the Endure to the End stage--we love life and joy in the journey. Times are still hard at times, but we have faith and push on. However, right when we reach this point is when we usually get transferred or put with a new companion! And thus the cycle begins again! I have already been through some of those stages several times!! Luckily the Lord has helped me to feel happiness and love throughout the whole of it.
Well, I found out Sunday that I am leaving on Feb 8th!! But where depends on my visa. If I don't have it by then, I will probably be sent on reassignment--which is exciting! I'll be sure to let you know more when I do! It is kind of an exciting time here because so many  of my friends are leaving or are getting ready to here in the next few weeks. Most of the people I came in with on the 5th left today or will be leaving later this week! Such excitement and crazy times! We are all excited and happy and soo scared but it will be ok :).
I love my new district soo much! They have been really awesome and supportive. I have taught like four more times since last week and it is getting easier and better every time. I feel like my testimony has grown sooo much! Especially this past week when I was really forced to lean on my Savior during the rough spots. I love God and the simplicity of His Gospel. I love Joseph Smith and am so grateful for his courage and strength. I am so grateful for my Savior--who died for me and died for you! I am excited to be able to share that with others every day! I love this gospel and am so grateful for the amazing family and friends I have in my life! You all do so much for me and I love you soo much!!

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