Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday dinner and Ninja Man

Well, this week has been so say the least. It started off wonderfully :). Last p-day was great-I'm getting some pictures printed out this week and will be sending them your way hopefully next week. My birthday itself was great too :). We had two different meetings so it was kind of fun because people sang to me at both. I really liked my birthday because I felt that God blessed me to improve several things and we had lessons with all my favorite people. It was awesome! We had dinner at Uncle Ben (Brother Jian from Daliao)'s beef noodle shop (my fav. food) and he sang to me. Our friend in the next shop over came over too.  She wrote me a way cute card in English. Uncle Ben had made me a cake so we all sang and had cake, it was great. Oh, and that morning my companion, Sister Lew (who I just adore) decorated our white board with little paper hearts and silly notes and inside jokes. One was, "Fortune Cookie say let birthday be as bright as you brain". Isn't she awesome??? I was so glad to get a companion just as weird as me :). It was just such a good day, full of happiness and thanksgiving. I am grateful to have a whole year plus to look forward to in Taiwan. By this time next year I hope to be as an amazing sister as Sister Lew is.
We have biked the world this week!!! DL (Daliao) and FS (Fengshan) are about forty minutes apart, and we made the trip like three times a day on average. So sick. But worth it. We are actually considering giving up part of the area to the elders, but that is sooo sad. It would increase the numbers for everyone though and it is hard only getting to see our wards every other week. So this past Wednesday at English class Phina brought Apples to Apples (junior addition) and we used that as our English learning tool!! We played for a bit (I won!) and then we went over adjectives and how to use them. It was awesome.
Funny story...I almost ran over a man on the way home the other day, but he moved with ninja swiftness and did this hiya thing and it was absolutley hilarious. He like jumped and landed in a squat on the other side of the road. It was a happy memory to be cherished forever. Lol.
I met this really awesome lady on the 11th and the met with her and her two little girls at their house on the 12th! It was so great, but she has some other  religious beliefs we are going to have to work through. I am really excited to get to know her more. I stopped her at a red light and she actually was the one to pull me over to the side of the road because she said it was more safe. Lol!! Awesome! When we met with her she said the reason she agreed to meet was because of the great feelings she got from me. She said I was just so radiating with happiness and love and so I must have such a special and significant message to share. She said she has had other missionaries approach her (not our church) and never felt the same as she did with me!!! How cool? So we sang a hymn--I am a child of God, and she totally loved it and said she wants her children to know the right road for life. So I think we will really be able to help her...
Well, we also sang in our ward yesterday and it was AMAZING. So many people shared their thanks and said it really brought the spirit to the sacrament meeting.
I really have to go, but I love you all and more next week.

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