Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eathquakes and Heartbreaks

Wow, you all sent so many good letters!!!! I really loved hearing for you all and to hear about all the exciting things happening in your lives. It is very sad to hear about Japan...I just can't even imagine. We hear about all the rumors of radiation and stuff, but I think all of us here in Taiwan are fine. We had two earthquakes here this past week which was a little scary what with Japan, but both were very minor. One was a bit larger and felt like it was moving in circles below us if that makes any sense. It was a little scary, but we prayed (we were in the middle of teaching a lesson) and it stopped! Woot.
So this past week has been really rough for us here. On Thursday we had a combine district meeting (so Pres. Bishop and the assistants were there, along with his wife) and Sister B. and her comp. and me and my comp. all took a taxi together since we had to meet in Gaoxiong City--about a half hour car ride away. Sister B. and I sat next to each other and just had such a good time catching up and rebonding. We really have become so close, even though we had some rough times in the MTC. It is amazing how that worked out and really was needed for both of us. Once we got to the meeting house, we had a bit of time and were looking at all the pictures on the walls of past baptisms. We saw one of our MTC teachers in the pictures! Also, Jason Evans, from my springville singles ward, had a picture with one of his converts! Pretty funny that I would see someone I know right?  Anyway, we all sat down and right before the meeting pres. Bishop came over and asked Sister B. to come with him. He had been doing interviews and we still had a bit of time before the meeting, so it seemed normal. But about ten minutes later he came back in to get her companion, and when he knelt down to talk to our bench (us three sisters) he told us that the night before Sister B's mother had unexpectedly died in her sleep. It was so devastating....I immediately wanted to go see her, but he said to wait. So he left with Sister Koay and then the meeting started as one else knew. It was so hard for me to stay focused in the meeting knowing what Sister B. must be feeling.  Five years earlier her mother had had a tramatic brain injury, but was well on her way to a complete recovery. I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not, but it was just totally unexpected. About half way through the meeting Pres. Bishop came back in and talked to all of us about it. He said things we definitely needed to hear. He spoke of the world and how much sadness it has, but that is why what we are doing is so important. We have the message of peace and hope all in the world are in search of. We know the plan of Happiness and how death is not an end. We know that God is merciful and loving, and will judge us according to what we actually know, and our hearts desires. He read to us from Moses 7, starting in 42. Enoch was just shown the destruction of the people during the time of Noah, which was probably close to what you are seeing on the news now for Japan. Death and destruction of a once beautiful people, filled him with such sadness he said he refused to be comforted. But then the Lord tells him of Christ, and how all can be made perfect and beautiful through him. It is so true, and Enoch changed from devastated to rejoicing. It is hard, and Sister B. has been so strong, but life can go on and be happy through a knowledge of Christ. We went to the bathroom after the meeting and Sister B. came in. We just clung to each other and cried and cried. It was heartwrenching and I am crying just thinking about it. Plus she is sitting behind me now emailing her family...sobbing too. They sent her the obitutuary today. Her mom was 44 years old and she still has a 12 year old brother and a 16 year old sister at home. She has decided to stay out here as of now, but it has been a rough road. Whenever we run into each other, which is fairly frequently, we just hug and hold on to each other. I am so glad I was able to be there. It is amazing how the Lord had planned so many things to work so well. It is amazing. I am so grateful for his love.
Well, so much to write and no time to write it. Last bit of news, that same day, one of our investigators received an answer to her prayer through the Book of Mormon and decided to be baptized. Totally miraculous!  This is my first baptism for someone I have actually taught! I am soo happy and excited for that. March 26 could come a bit faster :).
But at the same time, I am sad, because March 26 we find out move calls. The president called us last night and said we are pretty much going to stay here, but they are splitting our district into two--this way we can go to our wards every Sunday. So they are bringing two more sisters into our apartment. Our apartment is really really really old, but super nice compared to the other sisters. We each had our own bathroom and a huge living room we do nothing in. We have a room for studying with two desks, and a huge room with nothing but a dryer and a closet for our clothes. So there is room, but it will be cramped. Plus now I know for sure sister Lew won't be my comp. I love her so much--we get along like magic. We have been so great together and I am sad to have that change, but I know it is good. I will be probably still in Daliao, the 35 minute bike ride just to our area from our house! Lol, I hope to stay fit!
Well, no more time.....sad. I have soo many more stories to share!!!!!

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