Thursday, April 7, 2011

Angels Protect Us

We had a great week--we taught 36 LESSONS!!!! Woot! That is a new mission high for both me and Sister Lew! The mission standard is 30 and our zone wanted to pump it up to 35. Through our diligence Sister Lew and I were able to surpass it, but we still have many other areas to improve in. Such as adding...sigh. Adding consists of finding a person on the road (or on the telephone), setting up a time with them and giving them a baptismal goal. I still have a hard time consistently adding more than two people a day. Our goal is to add four each every day...but that is not quite happening yet. We will get there!
This week had its ups and downs for sure, but mostly ups. I almost totally wiped out on my bike the other day! I was soooo scared because we were in the middle of traffic and I went to pull down the back of my shirt (while biking super fast) and I had put my bike seat up A LOT higher than usual...and totally lost my balance. I started to swerve and I just knew I was going to have my face scraped off by the pavement and my nice white shirt ruined...yet it didn't happen. I was able to use my feet...not even sure how cause we were biking so fast (I sounded kind of like a stomping dinosaur...pretty sure) but I totally regained my balance and was able to pull over. I shouldn't have been able to, but that is when you remember that there are angels all around you, protecting you on every side! It was amazing and I was soo grateful. My only wound was a pretty shweet bruise by my knee. Other than that totally unscathed! 
Other fun story is that on Saturday we went and visited with some friends.  They were soooo happy to hear I hadn't transferred! We wore the little earrings they had given us as a parting gift last Saturday and they smiled. They are little shiny ones of stars and they call them our Celestial Kingdom earrings (we had just taught them the plan of salvation that day) :). The mom believes what we say, but like most Taiwanese, does not believe in it exclusively. She says she still wants to go to the Buddhist Celestial Kingdom, not the Christian one. I guess we are going to have to review how the whole center of the plan is Jesus Christ. Other than that she is great...and I really do believe she will come to put her faith into action through being baptized. Just not quite yet. Her daughter drew a super cute picture of me while we were there :). I'll have to send it home soon. Totally precious! Also, they made Yuto (Taro? It is a purple potato, really sweet--my absolute favorite) for me because they knew I loved it. Sooo sweeeeeeeeeeeet. It was so great. Plus they said they would come to General Conference :).
Hmm...other cool things? We met with another family again--revived them once more. They are coming to the Saturday session of conference with us--I heard from Sister Lew--through her parents--that they spoke on tithing!!! Totally prayed and prayed for that!! YES! And they will be in Taipei for Sunday, so they are going to take a look-see at the temple! Great eh? The mother is as strong as ever, just working on her husband. He just needs to gain a testimony of tithing. We invited him to pay this month's tithing...he laughed...but he still loves us, so that is good right?
Well,  our new member, is out of this world! So amazing. She wants to look into going to BYU provo. I gave her mom and Dad's emails... you might be hearing from her soon :). Well, time is up, but much love and know that the Lord is really guiding us out here. We have been able to have some awesome experiences this week--some people just walked into Church again this Sunday. Awesome eh?
Sister B. moved to Gaoxiong City and I think the new environment is doing her a lot of good.

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