Sunday, April 24, 2011

French Mexican Food in Taiwan!

So this week I have been kind of sick, but the Lord has really been taking care of me and I've had the energy to do all I need to! I also passed off two Chinese tests this week!! Three more to go and then I am done with my Phase One for Missionary Mandarin or whatever they call it. There are three phases in total. Keeps us studying hard :).

Something fun I forgot to write about last week was that we had a member from our Daliao ward have us teach a friendfrom Ni geria! She came with us and it was so great. He is Catholic but hasn't gone for a while. He seems excited to read the Book of Mormon and is such a kind man. I know that as he really puts forth an effort to draw closer to God, he will receive a special witness of the truth of our message. We are handing him over to the Elders though since he is a he. But it has been fun to teach in English :).

We ate burritos on Tuesday!! SO GOOD. There is a French man that married a Taiwanese woman that lives in our zone who set up a Mexican food shop. So delicious. It is outside of our area (and always closed on Mondays) so I have only heard the stories of its deliciousness. But the sisters in that area offered to pick some up for us before district training meeting and it was awesome! Definitely different, but soo good.

Also, we have been given soo many random things this week that it inspired me to keep a journal on just the things people have given me! So far it includes popcorn (thrown into my basket at a stop light), beef jerky, lemons, and stick notes. The things we get "song"ed as I like to say "song" = to give.

So funny story for the week---How HDX and my skirt met. Sounds creepy? Well, it was!

Well, we pulled up to their house and the mosquitoes started to swarm. Sister Lew bent down to spray my legs to save me from the mosquitoes and HDX thought I had hurt my legs. So he rushed over (he is like half blind too...and doesn't speak full is mixed with Taiyu) and started feeling my leg and pulling up my skirt. I just freaked out cause I had no idea what was going on, but all I did was like go white and kept fighting him with the hem of my skirt. SOO FUNNY! Then Sister Lew translated and we both were like, Oh. It was hilarious and no harm done--just an old innocent old man, but it was soooooooo awkward!!! Oh well, the things of life.

Hmm...well, it appears as if the time has already come and gone, but I love you all so much and more later! We have some awesome investigators and I am excited to see how the Lord uses us in his hands :).

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