Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cold Stone Icecream and New Companion!

So this week has been an interesting one indeed!!! On Tuesday I had sister exchanges and went to Xiaogang. It is not too far away so I only had to take the MRT (the subway) to get there. But I had to ride the other sister's bike (we switched bikes....good think my bike didn't explode on her!) and she is a bit shorter than me! The seat was as high up as it could go too! Lol, it was alright though. My companion for the day was Sister Petersen and she is awesome. She should have gone home today, but has extended for an extra move call. It was fun being in a new area and for lunch we went to this mall and had Cold Stone!!! Soo good! Then we just biked all over and had some great lessons. That night (after 9:30pm of course :) ) she made me smores and we just had such a fun time sharing mission experiences and getting to know each other. We switched back on Wednesday morning and it was great to be back with Sister Lew. That night Pres. Bishop called and said for sure we would be splitting-- she is training again and I am staying over Fengshan. So we are all going to be in one old apartment. Which means no moving to me! But space :(   Lol, it will be GREAT. And my new comp, Sister Cooper (who I will meet in like two hours!) is a legend.  She is just a stellar missionary! So I am super SUPER super excited.
Well, I don't have too much time today since I wrote a lot of smaller notes. But I love you all so much and will have tons to write next week!

Gospel is TRUE!

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