Monday, May 16, 2011

Fengshan and Sick Companion

Hey all!!!!
So the first week of my third move call has come to and end! Wow, where does the time go over here????
Life is great--it has definitely been a week of learning and growing for me. Sister Cooper is absolutely amazing and we are taking her up to the cabin in Alaska sometime for sure. Hopefully I can send some pictures soon :). Well, she has been pretty sick this week and we had a lot of fun (as in none at all) going to a Taiwanese doctor for her. But she is on the mend and we are figuring out our area (we split to just Fengshan and I really don't know the area all that and directions...hehe). I am really excited to see how this move call works. We are excited to work more with the ward and to actually get to know them.

I really love being a missionary here and I know the Lord is always watching out for us. Wow...this is like the first week I haven't had more to say than time left....sigh. Sorry, life has been a bit different and it is definitely causing me to have to rely on my Savior more and to depend on Him. But I know I am here for a reason and that I have some things to learn this move call and I am so excited for it. We have had some pretty great times already. Yesterday was just so much fun. Sister Lee (Sister Lew's new trainee) is the cutest thing ever and she treats me like my little sisters do!!!  We love having a four sister apartment now that we have gotten all the space figured out.

Well, love you all so much and more for sure next week!

Sister Brooke Smith

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