Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sorry this is late....Da jia hao!

Da jia hao!!

So this week has been pretty crazy but really good. I learned a lot about Charity this past month---it has been much needed.

Fun things from this past week:

We had a special mission meeting in Taizhong on Friday where Elder Jensen taught us how to become better missionaries. He is so amazing! Funny thing is, we were tricked by our zone leaders--they said we had to be at the train station to catch the bus at 3:30am and that the bus would leave at 4am. But actually...the bus didn't even leave to 4:30AM !!!!!!!!!!! But other Elders were there at 3:30am so we had company. Sigh, slightly grumpy since we missed out on some sleep, but the bus wasn't too terrible...except one Elder snored like (name removed to protect the innocent) was bad. The meeting wasn't until 9am, but we only got there like an hour early. They took pictures, so hopefully I will be able to send them to you soon!! But the whole experience was so amazing and I was able to see all of the missionaries in our entire zone! It was great!! Sister Bray is doing soo great and all of my little MTC family was there. I met the new missionaries that came last move call and it was so great. I love Sister Afflick, who is from Eagle River..I think..and she is always in the same big meetings that I go to! So it was awesome.

Saturday night we watched a broadcast from Taibei! Elder Bednar was there and they did this SUPER cool thing where all the stake centers in Taiwan were hooked up so anyone could ask questions all over Taiwan!!! Someone in my old ward (in Daliao) asked a question and it was soo cool to see how it showed up immediately on the broadcast. It was a special q&a session with Elder Jensen and Elder Watson (and their wives) there with the Bednars. It was especially for the youth and singles, but everyone that wanted to could come. It was AMAZING and I will have to write more about it next week. But Elder Bednar was like the perfect companion, always yielding to the other speakers who were moved by the spirit. He also sometimes delegated and it was so great. We learned about marriage (the first q...hehe), study habits, how to reactivate less actives and work better with the members. So great right?

Last night we had such a fun ward activity too! It was like a potluck...but all of it was CHINESE! YAY! So awesome and so delicious. We had some investigators there too and it was just such a great time. We have really been trying to build ward unity so it was awesome.

Then the third thing is the story of our first meet with Q, , taught all the lessons after church she passed baptismal interview and going to be baptized 6/11 miracle story! It is in my president's letter mostly, but more next week for sure.

Outta time, but loves you!!!!!!
---Sister Smith

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