Monday, June 20, 2011


Dear Family!!
This week has been a pretty great for me. We had a beautiful baptism on Friday. It was so great. Our investigator (now new convert) did so well and afterwards came out wearing the most sharp clothes and we were soo proud! She also bore a beautiful testimony of Christ. She absolutely loves "Finding Faith in Christ" and has strong faith in him. Her confirmation on Sunday also went very well and she was warmly received into the Fengshan ward. This past Sunday we worked more with the ward to have our investigators/new members feel welcomed and accepted. It worked really well and it made for a happy Sabbath. Q (who will be baptized this Saturday) came in a dress with nylons!!!! She even had some makeup on. It was her way of showing to God that he was important to her. Sister Cooper had been prompted to remind her to wear a skirt on Sunday and it turned out to have a really big impact. Because Sister Q wore a dress, her parents-in-law asked her where she was going. She was like, I am going to church. And I am going EVERY Sunday. I am soo proud of her and I know that Sister Cooper was inspired so that she would have the courage to be honest with her extended family. Having already overcome the family opposition, she will have more courage to endure. We are so excited for her baptism and enduring conversion.
Something else cool that happened this week is that we had a killer meeting with the relief society president. We had asked her for a list of five people in the R.S. we could go visit for her. So at the meeting we went over them and also discussed needs with her. She also asked for updates on our investigators so she could prepare the R.S. for them on Sunday. That is why Sunday went to so well! A happy sign of improvement was that sooo many ward members went to the temple on the ward temple trip this Saturday. It was amazing and I feel that there was a lot of bonding on that trip. Hopefully they will keep it up!
As for my gospel study this week, I have started doing something pretty fun! For my study on virtue I started going through the new young women's value of Virtue and completing (as much as is practical) the value experiences. It is so great and has helped strengthen my testimony not only of virtue but of the young women's program as well. I have also been studying the nine principles on how the gospel blesses families. It really has helped me a lot and I keep seeing so many ways in which I can improve. As I approach God in prayer and ask for his help in overcoming my weaknesses, I know he will help me.
All for now but definitely excited for this next week! Can't believe it is almost MOVECALL. I find out this Saturday if I move or not!!!!!! WEIRD!
Love you all!!!
---Sister Brooke Smith

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