Monday, June 6, 2011

Island Adventure

So today I sent out my email so late because I had an ISLAND ADVENTURE! It was sooo great!! Some of our new members  set up a young single adult activity and invited our whole district to come too. So one pair of elders and two pairs of sisters (Sister Cooper/me, Sister Lew/Lee) went and it was so great. It was kind of crazy because we had to bike to a train station to catch a 6:30am train to Gaoxiong, where we had to catch a bus that rode for an hour, where we went on a half hour ferry ride to Xiao Liuqiu Island! It was RIDICULOUS...and fun. Luckly I did a bit of letter writing amidst all the traveling. Then our friends all rented motorbikes and we had to rent bikes...sigh. The bikes were waaaaaaaaay was definitely not comfortable since my knees kicked up super high and the gears were not working. But we had fun with that since all the bikes in Taiwan seem to be that way besides ours...which are imported. Hahaha. So the island was suupper hilly and there was no way to bike up them, so we had to walk our bikes about half the time too. But we had a great time of it and the beach was AMAZING. So beautiful.  Anyway, we basically biked a loop around the island stopping at various geological attractions (reminded me slightly of Yelio, mama).
Great fun in the sun...I put on sunscreen several times but still managed to get a bit burned....sigh. Oh well, I have this super cool watch line now :)
So we have two baptisms coming up!! One this Friday and one next Friday. It will be so great. The first is so cute and it will be so great for her to have the support of the members. She is great and says that whenever she is at church, reading, or praying she receives a clarity of mind and we have seen it happen. I know that Lord will help when we allow Him too. It is so great.
The second is our lovely Q. She is a miracle woman for sure, and after church this Sunday she was even more ready for baptism. Because we need to wait for her to attend church three times, her baptism has to wait until next Saturday. One cool thing is that after passing her interview, she went to some Christian meeting and told all her friends she was going to be baptized. They asked her at what church and when she told them the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints they all told her we were not Christians. They are a group of many different sects, but one sent their minister to visit her and spent FIVE HOURS trying to convince her she was wrong. But she was so awesome! She said she thanked him for his concern but knew by the Holy Ghost testifying it to her, that our church is the only true church and that she must join herself to Christ. It was amazing and I am so impressed by her strength, Such a miracle.
Hope Kat has such a blast at Trek!
Sister Brooke Smith

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