Monday, June 20, 2011

Sorry, 2 posts on same day. Just noticed I didn't get last weeks on, so if you missed it, I just posted it before this one!

Hey ALL!!!!
So I just moved to Taizhong today!!!! My new area is called Beitun and our chapel is right next to the mission house. It is so fun! Our district leaders are the office elders! And my new companion is Sister Devictoria. I actually met her my first full day in Gaoxiong. She was serving close in Jiayi and Sister Lew's companion was in a trio with them. They all came down and attended W's baptism that first Saturday I was here. Then second move call she took Sister Bray's spot as junior in the area right next to mine---so we were in the same zone. And now we are companions! She said she totally called it too, so that is really fun! I love her so much and am so excited to serve with her! My new area hasn't had any baptisms in a long while apparently, so I am excited to see things change as we are diligient, obedient and worthy missionaries. Also, I am going to be able to go the Taibei Temple in three weeks! I am so EXCITED. It will be awesome.
This week has been a pretty much AMAZING one. On Monday we had just a nice relaxed preparation day and on Monday we had sister exchanges. I love those!! I exchanged with just the sisters right next door (literally...they live like five minutes away since we don't live in our area). The new senior over there is Sister Brownell---who I absolutely ADORE. She is just the best person/ missionary ever and I loved loved loved being with her. We worked hard together and felt so much joy in the work. It was just what I needed. Then, when we exchanged back on Wednesday afternoon Sister Cooper she had got the call that morning (usually it comes at night, but she found out a bit early) that she would be going trainer! Wow, both of my companions left me that way! So I got kicked out...again. But it was awesome because come Friday morning Sister Cooper went to Taizhong and I went to stay with Sister Brownell and Sister Morey!!! I loved it soo much. We were a great companionship. It was full of unity and love and we were able to find some really great people together. Plus we just laughed and had fun the whole time.
Well, I have to go soon, but here are the highlights:
*We saved a bat...kind of :).
*We made our own dumplings for dinner at this vendor's was awesome and she ended up coming to church on Sunday too!!!
*We made awesome brownies for a HUGE ward missionary activity and the activity was a success!
*We learned and sang a Taiyu song (aboriginal language of the Taiwanese) called "Jesus' Love".
*We sang hymns on our bikes together.
*We had compliment circles at night before bed.
*We recorded on their tape-journals at night!
*We are best friends :). I love them.
It is soooooooooo great, and they all live in Utah!!! So watch out, we are going to be best friends for sure. They are just so great. I have some fun pictures from this morning :). Might show up on Sister Morey (Amie)'s facebook, so go check for that.
Well, time to go but I love you all so much!!!
-------Sister Brooke Smith

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