Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Taibei Temple! July 6, 2011

Hey you all!!

So I just got back from the Taibei Temple!!! That is why preparation day was on Wednesday instead of the usual Monday. Sorry!!!! I had such an amazing experience. I was really able to feel so renewed! Before the session started I was able to do some work  in Chinese only! It was way cool. But for the most part it was in English :). Which is really nice because the Chinese is super advanced. There was just such a feeling of love and support. I love being in the temple and being able to focus on what matters most. Also on the whole bus ride up and down (three hours ish each way) we watched excellent church movies. They bring the spirit so easily and renewed my testimony of Joseph Smith, the pioneers and all saints who chose Christ. God loves us all so much and I am so honored to be a part of this magnificent work.

This week has been pretty good! Getting mail is such a highlight! I have been really blessed to receive a lot of mail lately! I love it!! It makes me a bit slower at writing everyone back though. So be patient! Lol.

Well, we are just getting this area all set up, trying to get to know our wards and serve them the best we can. It is a little slow in the beginning, but it will pick up. We have a few really awesome progressing investigators too!

One is keeping all the commitments we give her! Now we have to start working on things like the Word of Wisdom and Tithing. She only has time once or twice a week to meet with us, but we are going to try and see if she can meet a little more often. She is a week C right now and we have a lot of ground to cover. She is way great though and I believe that as we use the Spirit to remind her of these eternal truths, she will continue to progress! She is so great.

Also, we have another who I think she is a little bit on the slower side of the progression process, but she is still making progress. She says she is slowly starting to believe in God. Her children LOVE church soo much, so hopefully that will keep her coming back for the present. I have been trying to more prayerfully plan for her with my companion, and I believe we will receive inspiration for her.

This week we have also worked really hard to visit our ward list. We have so many less actives that need to be brought back. We have been able to come with some ideas, such as holding FHE with them, coming over for family scripture reading time once a week, etc. We are hoping to help them establish the righteous patterns they need to develop to keep their testimonies burning bright. We are expecting to see some of the fruit from our labors on Sunday!

As for my gospel study, I just grow to love the Book of Mormon more and more. The scriptures hold a very important role in gaining personal revelation. I am starting to learn how to focus in on that more for my investigators. I am working on also having qualifying of the companionship of the Spirit. I thought that the leadership meeting was so great for that!! I am excited to work on those commitments and improve my effectiveness.

Well, all for now!

Love you all so much!!!

Sister Brooke Smith

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