Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Adventure Around Fuchu

So Saturdays are officially my favorite days...well, those and Sundays. I get to be soo lazy all morning long, chatting it up on Skype with the family, and then in the afternoons I just go on crazy long walks! Like I walked for at least three hours today, it was soo great! And this time, I took my camera with me! YAY!

Here are some pictures from my awesome walk!

This is my apartment complex :) It is pretty nice and I like it. Kellan has moved into the room directly above mine, so now I have a neighbor I know! Things are pretty good here, I love Fuchu, but still haven't found a regular Japanese grocery store. And a 100 Yen store (basically like the dollar store--but they are soo awesome here!!) had yet to be found--which is tragic. So I went of in search of these two places, but wanted to see all I could along the way. Within a ten minutes walk of my house I discovered a bakery, a butcher shop, and a whole slew of other small shops I'd never known to exist! It was awesome!

This is pretty much what all the streets in Fuchu look like. Lot of housing, few stores. Sure, there are lots of store fronts....but most I have never seen open. Hmmm....

So I will admit it is slightly lame that I never noticed the HUGE university like ten minutes away from my house Well I found it today! And it explains why I see soo many foreigners in such a dinky town. The school is specifically for the study of foreign languages. Thus the foreigners.

Fuchu is pretty rustic--there are soo many fields like the one pictured on the right, all over the place! It is pretty awesome. They kind of just pop up in the middle of all these different housing complexes.
Japan is pretty strict on its garabage policy. And today I found out where all the paper goes to! In this warehouse they sort all of the paper and then...stack it yep? Lol.

I think I ended up in a different city during my walk--Chufu I think...maybe Chofu...I can't remember. It has this huge stadium there! It is called the Ajinomoto Stadium. There were a few shops joined to it--like KFC and a salad bar place.

The sign below just made me giggle! American animal hospital?? What does that mean?? Like only for American animals? Or were they American doctors? I am not sure, but it made me laugh! And the picture made me happy.
Well, I did end up finding a different store that sold things for 105 yen a piece, and bought lots of awesome things!! So that made me happy...until I relazied how far I had to walk home. But I made it and now I have happy things! Like apples and
Brooke is tired, more later!
Love you all!


  1. I love it! I went for a walk yesterday too! I walked to the local shopping mall. It was great. It is a 45 minute walk from my house, but I figure I really need the exercise... I am glad you had such a good walk and found different things in your area. I still need to go exploring. But hey, I know where a fabric store is!

  2. apples and scissors. hahahaha, that`s awesome.

    i LOVE that american animal hospital! not only is the name funny, but that picture just kills me!! i hope that`s not what the animals look like after they are treated at the american animal hospital...hahahaha

    love you, brooke!