Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well, as you all should know by now, Brooke is now in Japan!! Things have been pretty awesome, and the people I'm with are amazing!

Meet the gang:

Liz: She is the most happy-fun person ever! Liz is amazing because she is always excited about life and enjoys making others excited about life too! During training she made me giggle with her amazing dinosaur was a must see. She describes herself as a face contortionist, and she is pretty good at that indeed! A true talent that has added much happiness to our online photo bank. One thing is for sure--if you meet Liz, be prepared to spend the whole day smiling :).
And now for the beautiful Celestia! Here is a girl with spunk! Seamstress extraordinaire, she made some clothes for this internship! Way cool eh? Her current projects include a hemming party and a batman cape...with sequins....I'm excited!!! She will be leaving to teach in Hiroshima tomorrow! It is sad to lose her soo quickly, but we will be sure to stay in touch through Skype.

The last of the girls, Ashley is a fellow BYU student!!!! Pretty awesome indeed. January 2nd was her birthday and we were able to celebrate it by going to a Karaoke Box!!! There we all discovered Ashley's beautiful voice (which will be great for teaching!!). One of her many other talents are her graphic design skills! Her blog is absolutely amazing, you must check it out. She also speaks amazing Japanese and together we are a pretty great team! 'Cause I can read a lot of the Kanji (because many have the same meaning as the Chinese versions) and she knows a lot of Japanese vocabulary. Sadly, she too is leaving me--for Osaka.

Kellan is the Lone Male--but I think he secretly likes it! His knowledge of the Japanese culture is pretty expansive, and very helpful. He has studied various forms of martial arts and has the unique ability of being able to pop every bone in his body. He too speaks some Japanese and is great to have along in Tokyo. Kellan will be staying in Tokyo with Liz and I, so hopefully we all will be able to play together every once in a while. Sometimes us girls can be a bit much, but Kellan handles it like a pro. Always patient and willing to hang out with us, he is pretty awesome and always very informative.

Well, that is us in a nutshell! We did have two new interns join up with us today as well. Olivia is from Britain and Lisa is from Ireland. Both have amazing accents and are very fun. Olivia will be staying in Tokyo as well (though we are all about an hour apart from each other). Lisa will be close to Celestia if I remember right...somewhere in the country side! Cool eh?

Life has been pretty great, just a little busy. Training is fun, but man, information overload!! I just hope that I will be able to learn enough to succeed! Actually, I will only be teaching two to three times most weeks. I don't really know what I will be doing the rest of the time yet, but possibly office work or subing. I think it will be a great experience and am excited to see how everything turns out!

More later,

Love Brooke


  1. I love you Brooke! We all are a great team together.

  2. I'm glad you have a blog! Now I can see all the amazing work you're doing! <3

  3. Wooo! We're gonna be awesome teachers! :) I'm so sad we won't be near each other, but we'll Skype and meet in March, if nothing else. :D I can't wait for you to see Kyoto! Love you!