Monday, March 1, 2010

Fuchu--My Cute Town

Ok, the last post was getting soo long--I decided to break it down into two entries. Sorry!

So also on Monday I took lots of pictures of my actual town. Here you go!! Virtual tour!!

Pretty street tiles!

Cute statue <3

They use decorative cabbages everywhere!!!

It is starting to be Sakura season!!!!

Some of the local-style architecture.

Just thought it might be interesting to see the houses :)

I like this one! It is pretty huge for a Japanese home.

A cool looking business.

Yay for Dog Day Cafe!! I am pretty sure its for humans...

It wouldn't let me rotate the picture for some reason...sad.
But this was the reason I could tell it was for humans.

Also, a funny side note is that while I was walking past this a group of elementary school kids (really young ones) were laughing at this kid who was pretending to step in squashed dog pooh...and their moms were all watching and laughing. It was slightly weird to I wanted to get a picture but I didn't want their moms to come after me!

Well, this is just a taste of where I live, but it ought to give you an idea of it! Mostly a residential area.

More later!

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  1. I like your neighborhood! I should take pictures of mine. Then again, maybe not. Last time i did I scared the poor people. They thought I was some sort of government spy, yes, some one asked me. They were so relieved to find out I was just taking pictures because I am an American tourist like person living in the area.