Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday to Sunday

Sorry I haven't been keeping up on this!! Everyday is an adventure nowadays!!!

Well, last week on Sunday I was invited over to Sister Fujiware's house for dinner! It was soo much fun! Her daughter speaks Chinese and she had invited a Chinese sister along too. Also, a young Japanese sister came. By young, I mean my age. So it was like a girls party!! Also, funnny side note, Sister Johnson (one of the awesome sister missionaries in my ward) told me that Sister Fujiware was talking to her about me and said she was calling me "Brill"....hahahaa. Brooke is a little difficult for Japanese people to makes me laugh. Usually I get things like Buruka, Buluke, Broke or Brock--first time to be called Brill :). Dinner was amazing and I just really love the people in my ward. They have really treated me like family and I really appreciate that.

 I didn't have to work Monday or Wednesday, and so I had a lot of fun exploring the areas around my house. On Monday I discovered that contrary to my belief of the last TWO MONTHS, there are TWO grocery stores within TEN minutes of where I live!!!! I have totally been buying all my groceries by walking like fifty minutes away or before I come home from work!!! LOL. Oh well, good exercise right? But that does make me pretty happy to finally have found them! I was seriously wondering where people bought their groceries around here!

I also was noticing just what a pretty suburb I live in. There was this really cool park I found about a half hour away from my house that I had much fun playing in!! Here are some shweet pictures:

Pretty trees :)

It was a nice little hike.

There was like no one here too :)

On a clear day I think I could have probably seen Mt. Fuji!

Yep, not a clear day.

I put my camera on self-timer so I could get a picture...but the someone came on the trail and I got embarrased....hehehe.

Cool sign--says "Mt. Sengen"

Cool Shinto Shrine at the top of it.

Hehehe, BEES! I didn't see any though.

I told you the cemetery I live by is HUGE! This is only a part of it.
I didn't even know I had gone in that direction!!

Kisugi Bridge!

Well that was my park adventure!!

More later :)

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  1. Awesome! That's in a Tokyo suburb?? Gotta love Japan. :) You can step into a whole new world every time you get off the train! Can't wait for you to see Kyoto. :D Good times are ahead! (And good times are right now, also!)