Monday, March 22, 2010

[Part One] TOKYO TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz and I have been wanting to go to the Tokyo temple since we arrived in Tokyo and so we finally went this past Friday!! We met up after work and got soo lost at first!! Luckily this really sweet Japanese woman totally helped us out and gave us directions. We had walked pretty much right passed it!! Liz looked up and shouted "MORONI!" Lol, gotta love the angel Moroni :). The temple was awesome and I actually saw someone I knew! Also a few kids from the air force base in Fussa were there too!

 This nice guy outside the temple offered to take our picture...unfortunately it was a little hard with the bad lighting :(. 

We tried again...and he was soo happy with it we didn't mind that he hadn't gotten the sign too. :P

Liz wanted the sign to feel included.

I love to see the temple!!!

Thank you Moroni for leading the way!!!

The stained glass is soo beautiful!

We are soo happy :)

After the temple, we headed to our favorite little place, Asakusa CAPSULE hotel!!! YAY! 
When we were heading out of the station, this guy turned around and said "Are you two enjoying Tokyo?" We were just kind of dumbfounded to hear English! Lol, his name was Howl and he was from Australia. We were confused because he is Vietnamese and thus we were like, Asian speaking English?? Haha, he turned out to be pretty fun and we all ate dinner together and had fun chatting. Thus we went to bed much later than we'd wanted to, but hey, it was fun!

On the way to the hotel we stopped by a kobini (convenience store) to grab something to drink and saw some awesome Engrish: 

This time there were actually a lot of people at the hotel, so we had to be really really quiet!!!

Well, I think I will finish up with part two tomorrow!! Sleepy now!

Love ya all!


  1. Holy cow, a capsule hotel?? How awesome!! And it's wonderful you got to visit the temple!!

  2. How nice. Funny thing, you two look like sister missionaries at the temple! :D you are so cute!

    It looks like you two have been having a lot of fun in Tokyo! I can't wait until Kyoto!