Sunday, October 9, 2011

Doing Great in Nantun

September 18, 2011
First week of movecall is over and we are doing great here in Nantun! I love my new area and I love Sister Sorensen soo much. We just love serving together and teaching in unity. It is a happy time. She reminds me sooo much of Katie Lindsey! It is hilarious! I love it. We laugh together alllllllllllll the time. We are best friends. She is on her last you will get to meet her soon...she lives in Orem.

This week we saw some miracles and I'd like to share a few with you. First was that we met with an investigator who has been waffling between our church and another Christian church for
several months. Her co-worker is a member and has been very encouraging and
supportive of our investigator. Our investigator's other church is interesting
in the fact that they have many similar commandments--including tithing. When
we taught tithing this past week, she said she'd been paying ten percent to her
other church since May! So its good that she already has the desire to obey
God's commands, but she also has a hard time telling the difference between the
churches. Especially since she hadn't been reading the Book of Mormon or prayed
about Joseph Smith. But when we met with her we felt prompted to invite her to
have a baptismal interview. She did the next night and she is just still hung
up on the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. But she felt like it was a very
positive experience and our district leader was great at making her feel
successful in the fact she has a lot of faith. So we were a little unsure of
the next step, but then Heavenly Father helped us out. On Sunday she met with
her member friend before church and said she felt like she just needed to decide.
Whenever she prayed about our church and attended sacrament meeting she felt
happy. She felt like God was here. And she recognized that she lacked the same
amount of that feeling at her other church. She told us she'd like to have
another baptismal interview this Friday and be baptized the next Saturday!!
Such a miracle! It is maybe a bit slower than we'd like, but it will give the
ward time to prepare and really support her. We are soo excited!
Another huge miracle we saw was with a less active family. We were out visiting some formers, which went really great (another miracle) and ended up finishing up quite a bit earlier than
expected. Sister Sorensen had the thought to visit a nearby less active family
and so we did. The father and mother are both members, but only one of their
three children is baptized. Their 20 year old son, is semi-active since he goes
to school in Jiayi and the members there are really good at encouraging him.
The dad is a police officer and the mom just said she likes watching tv...sigh.
When we dropped by the mom and son were there, and then the dad came home about
halfway through the visit. As the Lord arranged it, the son was staying over
for the weekend and after having inviting the family to come to church, the
three there said yes! And the next morning (after a whole year of inactivity)
they came in their Sunday best! It was so awesome to see and the ward was so
happy!! Of course now the objective is to go with the home and visiting
teachers to keep this family going, but we are so excited and hope to help them
love the Gospel. The mom has probably lost the most of her prior knowledge. She
thought Joseph Smith and Jesus were the same we decided it is
probably best to review all of the lessons with her. But we are going to work
hard to have members with us.

As for gospel study, I have really trying to do better at studying specifically for investigators. The Lord has really been blessing me to find resources to help them, but the hard thing is
actually using them sometimes. So I am going to keep working on it! I know the
Lord can help my investigators better than I can. I love the Book of Mormon and
have been trying to help all we work with develop that same love!
Well, all for now, but I love you alllllllllll sooooooooo much!!!

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