Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wufeng has been Fantastic

Dear Family,

Can't believe it is already the last week of move call...that is weird! I really hope I don't move again! Wufeng has been fantastic. I love it here soo much! And my da tongban (senior companion...literally "Big companion") has already been here for three move calls. So many predict I will go "Da" (senior) here. Who knows. The thought of going Senior is more than just a little bit scary. Lol, but the Lord will have what He wants happen and we just have to be humble enough to accept it. This week we had some really great things happen. First, we have so many awesome investigators!!!! Two cute little 18 year olds came to church for the first time this Sunday. AND...they biked there with us :). It was such a happy ride to the church that morning. And the two girls became fast friends---I foresee a joint baptism! They had such a good time at church and both are making plans to come next week. One investigator has a piano class every other Sunday, but after church she told us that she was going to talk to her teacher and see if she could schedule it for a different day so she could come to church every Sunday! It was so awesome! I love teaching people who have a desire to learn and are willing to test the principles we teach.

Our week a away from baptism investigator, dropped this week though. It has been a rough week. She encountered some family opposition and for a bit told us we couldn't visit at all. But then a member went to the rescue and made it possible for us to visit them Sunday after church. Originally she was still going to come to church, but she didn't feel good. I think we will have to slow it down a bit, but we had a great visit with them after church and I think we'll be able to set a time up before next Sunday. She really loves church and says she will come next week!

As for RCLAs, we found some really awesome part-member (member part inactive) families this week! Both said they'd come to church...and both didn't :(. But we will keep working with them and involve the members more. I am excited to see how the Lord will bless us because they are awesome families and we love them sooo much. Last night we also visited a new part-member family-- (a recent convert who is currently serving a short-term mission and is a RC from Beitun--my last area). She is on fire and before she left for her short term mission gave me her family's info. So we finally got them to set up and last night we had such an awesome visit. They were way nice and the mom seems very receptive. The dad is willing to listen, but he also feels that all religions are the same and that in the end, we are Jesus. So there is some work to do there, but we are willing to do it! They want us to come over for dinner next-next Sunday :).

I love the attribute activity soo much! Every month the attribute is exactly what I need to work on. I learned a lot about patience, and feel like I have found several ways I can improve my lack of patience! One of them is by developing humility---which just happens to be this month's attribute! Yay! I really feel like the Lord is supporting me in every aspect of this missionary work--including the work I am doing for my loved ones. I love Heavenly Father so much and am so grateful He allowed me to have this opportunity to learn and grow.

Well, I am about to head out and go to a Sisters Activity with Sister Bishop (wife of the mission pres.!!). We are way excited! I am sure there will be some fun pictures coming your way soon.

Love you all!!

---Sister Brooke Smith

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