Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello from Nantun!

Hello from Nantun!

It was hard to say good-bye to our lovely Sister Sorensen, but I know transfers home are important too :). I am excited to have a stellar new companion in Sister Lethco!!! Yes, I went Senior this movecall...a little scary, but we can do it! Sister Lethco is so great! We will be sure to work our hardest over here! I haven't really met her before, so I'll tell you more next week!

This week has been so amazing! We had our lovely baptisms this Saturday along with the Elder's. It went so well! They were AWESOME. So ready. It was such a great experience--the Spirit was felt by all. What was really cool is one of sister invited her husband and best friend to attend--it was so special to have their support and love at her baptism. I am so proud of her courage! We look forward to their confirmations this next Sunday as we had Stake Conference this past Sunday. I was happy Sister Sorensen could end her mission with three baptisms in her last month! Pretty great. Miss that girl!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear you'll have her over for dinner.

We also have been so blessed with great progressing investigators! We are very excited to help them grow closer to their Savior by helping them discover more and more of the Gospel. With one great family we haven't met the father yet, but this week the wife said she really wants her husband to be able to hear our message too!!! So we are going to work out a time to meet with the whole family this week! Also the wife and son have committed to church this week. The son has continued to read the Book of Mormon every night before going to bed. He is awesome!

We were visiting a less active this week who gave me the COOLEST pink-jade bracelet! All the Taiwanese women wear jade braceletes, so I feel like a true Taiwanese now :). It is soo cool!!! The people are waaay too generous over here.

As for Gospel learning--loved loved loved Stake Conference!!! We had a broadcast to all of Asia! Elder Osguthorpe, Sister Ann Dibb, Elder Anothy Perkins (I know him :) ) and Elder Richard G. Scott spoke to us!!! It was AWESOME. Elder Osguthorpe's talk was inspiring and gives clear direction on how our members can be a bigger part of this grand work. Elder Richard G. Scott's talk was amazing too! I wish we had had more investigators to hear his beautiful message on the value of women. So many women we teach here so lack in confidence and self worth. I think I'll be sharing his words with quite a few people this week.

Well, kinda short on time since it was a movecall day and I "killed" my dear Sister Sorensen. Thank you all for writing!!!!!!!!!!! I loved hearing from all of you

P.S Because my companion left, we were taken to sooooooooooooooooo many meals this week. At first it was just lunch, then dinners and lunches, and then tea times and pre-dinner dinners. Well, all for now!

---Sister Brooke Smith

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