Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wufeng, Beichu, Zhanghua & Nantun All in One Week!

Soooo this week has been wayyyyyyyyyy crazy!!! I started off in Wufeng (my old area) had a day in Beichu and three in Zhanghua. And now....I am serving in Nantun! Lol, it is actually in the same zone as Wufeng...hehe. But about that a little later. Being able to see different areas helped me to gain appreciation for the amazing mission we are in! We all have the same goals and purpose. I love that.

First off, this week we had Sisters Exchanges and my dream came true!!!! I FINALLY was able to serve with Sister Chloe Ith!!! I love her sooo much--we met up in Gaoxiong and both ended up moving North. She goes home soon though. She was born in America but grew up in Singapore. Her dad is Cambodian and she knows soo many of the same people I do! Sister Ith also knows me from BYU because I spoke on going on the BYU Study Abroad to Nanjing and she ended up going the next year! So we have a lot in common. When I was in Beitun we shared a chapel and when I was in Wufeng we were in the same district! I love her so much! Sisters Exchanges was a blast and I received some answers to prayer with her. It was a very uplifting and edifying experience. And guess what!!? She just moved to Fengshan today!!! My first area :). It is pretty awesome.

Then on Wednesday Sister Laxi got the call that she was going trainer---my third companion to do so!!! It has kind of become a mission joke that I train Actually all of the Taiwanese Senior companions went trainer! We have nine new sisters come in this week--five of which are natives!! So great! On Thursday I got to meet the new trainees because I helped with their Dan Jones night! It was so fun seeing them and remembering how I felt. I saw Elder Riley White (go Springville!!!!) and he is doing so good! He told me that Missy told him something to tell me...but he forgot! She cuts hair at the MTC now so he saw her there. Anyway, it was way fun to see him--he got sent waaaaaay South! He'll love it!

For my last little bit in Wufeng, my cute 18 year olds are doing so great! They both have such a desire to learn more about the gospel and to feel the Spirit. I have complete confidence that Sister Laxi and Sister Wang will be able to help them progress towards baptism and enduring conversion. Also, another investigator is doing great and has been keeping her commitments. All three should be coming to church this Sunday and it is exciting!!! We love them so much.

So come Friday morning I had to move out and I ended up going to Zhanghua for three days. But funny thing is they kind of forgot about me so all Thursday night we had to make a KABILLION calls and we finally got it all straightened out. It was way fun in Zhanghua because I whitewashed with Sister Pomeroy!!! She was my first MTC companion (with Sister Miller)! Whitewashing means the area was closed and so two new missionaries have to reopen the area and start from the bottom up. It was so fun. Even though I knew I wouldn't be staying I just fell in love with the ward. We saw so many miracles! Sister Pomeroy is amazing and she also answered so many of my prayers. Our time together really bolstered me up and she is totally coming to Thanksgiving with us after we go home (we will be going home together). Yep! She is the coolest Chicka around. She was companions with Sister Bray last move call, but now Sister Bray went trainer!! And she is training an old mission president's daughter! Actually President Watterson was the Taizhong mission president when I lived in Taibei. So I totally remembered the other day that she was Jeremy Perkin's date to prom when I doubled with them in 2005!!!! So we have actually met before...but both kind of forgot about it. Small small world. She is way cute though. Oh and Sister Cooper moved from Fengshan to be with Sister Pomeroy!!! How cool? All companions with companions.

Then come Saturday night....we found out movecall! Except there is another Sister Smith now and they confused our transfers! But we got things figured out and I moved from the Wufeng District in the Taizhong Zone to.....the Nantun District in the Taizhong ZONE! Lol, and my old district leader became zone leader and the zone leader became my new district leader. And the district leader in Zhanghua I was just with became the new district leader in Wufeng. I feel like we were all just shuffled around a little. I love it because I was really not ready to leave my zone! I love it too much! I am now on my 6th move call, 5th companion, and 4th area. It is exciting! Lol.
I will probably stay in Nantun for at least two movecalls though since my new companion, Sister Sorensen is dying here. She goes home next movecall! WEIRD. :p

Something else fun was that today is the Moon Festival! So last night we went over to a member's (in Zhanghua) and had a bbq!!! Chinese style :). It was so good and I am really going to miss the sweet Chinese sausages (their equivalent for hot dogs). But luckily I still have awhile, so no worries! And the fireworks were way great. I love Taiwan.

I am always so grateful for our study time. I have learned so much from that precious time, and I can't wait to keep learning more. The Lord has really given me so much comfort through His word. One thing that Sister Pomeroy and I studied together this week was the talk by Elder Bednar on "Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary." It is so powerful and motivating. But we especially enjoyed the "You Can Do It" section at the end. Sometimes we just see all of the weaknesses and it is hard to remember the good parts in ourselves. But I know the Lord can help us accomplish His will in His way. I love Him so much.

Well, all for now! I love you all sooooooooooo much!!!!

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