Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Moonlit Walk...through the GRAVEYARD!

Saturday mornings Brooke is very lazy and likes to sleep in. However, after talking to her mom until like 5pm (1am mom's time), she decided she did need to leave the house. So Brooke decided to go on a "short" walk...HA! Heading down a street she'd never been down before, Brooke notices that the light is starting to fade quickly.

Phase One: Quick Walk through the Neighborhood

There was this super shweet looking house!

Phase Two: The Graveyard

As I was winding my way through the residential area I stumbled upon the super huge graveyard I live by! And since I didn't quite remember the way I had come, I decided to go through the graveyard (since I'd done that before). The only problem was the receding daylight...

The Graveyard....well, the first part anyway.

It is actually a great place to see older-Japanese style architecture.

These pictures are pretty much self-explanatory. Enjoy the creepiness.

I did.

I thought this looked kinda cool.

Hehehe :)

Doesn't that just inspire fear??

It did for me! It was also really really cold. Thus the two jackets plus hat.

The winding path of DOOM! Well, not really, but it kinda looks creepy eh?

Stay away from the light!!! Muahaha.
Yeah, I definitely had way too much fun with that!

On the first part of my walk--during phase one!--I found an orange tree..and these had just fallen :) Free fruit!

Yeah, I was pretty tired afterwards....hehe. But it was much fun!
More later!


  1. It isn't Halloween yet, silly! :D What a creepy little adventure you had!! Awesome photos. :)

  2. I love the graveyard pictures! They are fabulously creepy!