Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where to Begin???? Maybe with the Capsule Hotel Amazingness?

Hello there!!

Sorry, it has been awhile!! I have soo much to talk about....but yes, where to begin?? Well, my Valentine's weekend in Tokyo was pretty cool and I probably should mention it at least a little! I partied it up with my dear friend Liz Sanderson!

We wanted to spend as much time together as possible, so we met up on Friday the 12th after work and stayed at a capsule hotel. This is the womens rooms at the Asakusa Capsule Hotel! How cool is that?? The rooms are actually somewhat spacious....you just can't really sit up or anything. But hey, they are just to sleep in so no big deal! Yeah, I was pretty stoked about the room size! Liz had the room right next to me, which was fabulous! You will see why in a few more pictures...hehe. You might have already seen these pictures
facebook. If you have, I'm sorry--deal with it!!

We were pretty pumped about the whole situation...like a lot!!!!
It was pretty crazy :P

And the fun  was just beginning when we started taking all of these crazy pictures!!!
We spent the whole evening pretty much just catching up! It was great fun! We also got hit on by an old man...at least I think so... :P. What happened was that we were sitting in this diner talking for like FOREVER and had long since finished our meals when the waitress brings over two salads. We are like what? And she says, these are from the old man over there. Weird...I've never been given a salad before! First time for everything right?

The salad +Liz

She is looking slightly less than happy because she squirted the oil based salad dressing all over my favorite jacket...but its ok!!! Don't worry Liz, I still love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 As they say, no use crying over spilled salad dressing?? Hehehe :)

We had made all these cool ideas for the next day--only to have it snowing like CRAZY outside! Thus all of the outdoors ideas --> rubbish bin. Oh well, we certainly had fun in Akihabura--also known as the "Electric City". It is home to some of the most advanced consumer technology in the world! Pretty shweet eh? Also, we found the cutest store ever and I wanted to like buy everything!!! I seriously do want to decorate my house with their style furnishings one day...sigh.

Yay! A happy and cute Liz in Akihabura!! 

Well, after just playing all day Liz went to a rockin' Paramore Concert and I headed home :)
 It was a blast and I can't wait to hang out with that girl again!!! Best times ever doing the silliest things ever :) It makes me happy :) :) 

All for now, more later....


  1. Oh! you girls are soooo cute! I miss you!

    It looks like you had a great time! I SO want to stay at a capsule hotel. Do they have room for luggage? Or a place to store it?

    I'm sorry it snowed for you... boo.

  2. You can rent a locker for your storage--its about three or four hundred yen for that. But the capsule hotel is really cheap, so its all good! If you have your college ID card with you, you can get a student discount sometimes--I only paid 1800 Yen for one night! YAY! Love ya!