Friday, February 5, 2010

Shopping In Japan

I had to do some shopping this week and luckily I had my camera in hand!

Part I--The Grocery Store!

Baking Goods

The packages are soo tiny!! Chocolate chips cost like two bucks!

Citric Acid...hmmm.

Yay for Disney!

There are soo many different sauces...and I can't read what most of them are :(.

Maple syrup...soo expensive here!
(that is like almost $11 for that)

Peanut butter is also expensive...sadness.

Part II--The Department Store

Japanese department stores are not the same as American ones, not at all. Most department stores are at least five levels. Either the ground or basement level is a grocery store! It is pretty sweet! So you can get all you shopping done in one place which is pretty handy.

Itoyokado's are pretty much the best!

So the Valentine's Day gifts were what caught my eye here!!

Choco-aids!! How cute :)
"Everyone likes Fun & Delicious Milk Chocolate. Let's have a Special Time!"

I soooooo wish I could read the Japanese on this!!!!!!!!

Pretty much everyone smokes I was tempted to replace a few friends smokes with chocolate ones...hehehehe.

The Japanese on the left says "dokidoki", "harahara", "uruuru" and "irairani". Those are onomatopoeias for "beating fast", "heart going pit-a-pat", etc.

Seriously, Asia has some kind of obsession with poop...yep.

These were just kind of cute!
Various chocolate goods disguised as health care items.

Well, all for now!



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  2. Haha! I love it! :D I love seeing all the valentines in the stores! I wish I had money to buy all the cute ones....

  3. i like how that one health product/chocolate box says POT! on it. hahaha.

  4. I can see pretty unique items here. I like the way you present it together with the captions. It gives proper information that makes shoppers curious about it. Japan shopping is really fun.