Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yakiniku with Tongans!

I have been favoring the photo journal type blogging of late--I think it is much more interesting. If you do not agree, let me know! Otherwise, enjoy! :P

Thursday was a holiday and so I spent the day with my dear Tongan friends, the Fifitas.
Just as a reminder--I met Api at the Interac Office I sometimes work at.
Upon discovering that I was also LDS and that I also live in Fuchu, Api pretty much made me family.

We had a lot of fun watching a video of her sister in BYU Hawaii's evening show performance, "The Breath of Life" and the kids had fun snuggling up to me! I loved it!!

Around five we went out for dinner--real Yakiniku!!!! It was soooooooooo amazing.

First you take off your shoes!! They had tatami mats in the restaurant! How cool!

You grill your own is soo awesome!

Her children speak mostly Tongan and Japanese! I don't remember her daughers' names, but I remember the son is Kiseki! Darling kids :)

Bro. Fifita is a pro rugby player! Cool eh?

Glorious Food

Meat! I never buy meat, so this was a nice treat!

We ate soooooooooooooooooo much.
I gave up.

Kiseiki did too...he mostly just played with the shoe boxes! He is three years old.

Yeah, I love this kid.

And these girls!! Plus one more daugther (who is on the other side of the table).

They are soo cute and fun! The oldest is only nine!

How could you not love him?? The name Kiseki is Japanese for "miracle".
Somehow we managed to have room for dessert!! Luckily Japanese serving sizes are much smaller than in America.
I had a lovely day and am soo appreciative for such wonderful friends :).


  1. Love the photo journal :) for sure keep doing it! You look like you're having quite a jolly time

  2. Yay, glad you like it Jordan :). I am having quite a smashing time over here! But I miss ya!

  3. OH! What a cute family! I am glad you found each other and had such a good time!