Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another week of miracles here in Tainan!

Dearest Family, We've had another week of miracles here in Tainan! I love this area so much. And I love Sister Fitzpatrick so much! One of the biggest miracles of this week is our previous Bishop's referral accepted a baptismal goal for the 25th of February!! She is amazing and so prepared for baptism. So solid!! She also has a daughter who we are going to work very hard to have ready to be baptized at the same time. I fasted for them and pray every day!!! It has been really great since we have been working so hard to find investigators but haven't been finding too many. Another Sister had a wonderful lesson on Friday--the member who came with us knows her really well. However, since her family work keeps her from attending church, we are focusing on how to overcome that before giving her another baptismal goal. She is hoping to be able to have the family switch their day off from Mondays to Sundays. Her grand kids love us and all ask to go to church. Something else cool is that before she wasn't reading the Book of Mormon because she really is super busy, but after we had a talk about how much the Book of Mormon has helped our lives she committed to read. What also helped is that we clarified you can read the Book of Mormon anywhere! So now she says she'll read it everyday! I am glad she is seeing there is time for Christ in even the busiest of lives. As for the RCLAs, the blessings keep rolling in! We had an awesome lesson on Friday. She still believes everything, which is amazing! And....she came to church this week for all three hours as well! It was soo great! She had a family activity for Sunday and Monday, but when we ran into her on the road she let us know she was fasting! How cool is that? She is really coming back, but I want the ward to be more involved in the process. We are working with them. Studies have been great as usual. I feel that our planning is more inspired now that we divide up the investigators and study for them during personal study. We have also been working on a scripture chart for our recent convert. In order for her to get more out of the Book of Mormon we have been making this one week chart that has specific sections that go to specific questions. We hope it will help her learn how to study the Book of Mormon better. I have also been learning a lot about the power of Prayer. We had a pretty cool experience this past Wednesday with English. We've been struggling to have students come (mainly due to Chinese New Year) and so before class started we asked God specifically to bless us with many students that night. And it totally happened!!! We had seven new students come for a total of 29 students!!! We'd been having like 10! It was a great reminder that everything is important to God. He loves us so much! Well, all for now! Also, this week happens to be power week. Today is power is horrible! I love cleaning....but this place needed a lot of work! I have already worked hard to improve it since moving in--I have been excited for this day. But now that it is here...soo tired. I'll have to send pics next week. Well, LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! ---Sister Brooke Smith

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