Sunday, June 24, 2012

God is not far from us

Dear Family,

This week has been a pretty great week. My companion and I were able to work hard and saw a lot of progress. The overall message from your e-mails on the passing of Cody was one of hope--a hope that can only come through faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. And that is why my companion and I are here---we are here to bring hope into the lives of all around us. A hope that they can be with their families forever, that their sins can be washed away, and that there can be meaning and purpose in our daily lives. I love this Gospel and the power of Divine Love it brings with it. Mom sent me the conference ensign and I really loved part of a talk about God's love for us---it said something like that God's love is the force pulling us back home to Him. When we love Him and feel His love for us--nothing else matters. We learn patience and obedience and all the other Christlike attributes we were sent here to learn. We know what our prize is. So I am grateful for trials for from trials we learn patience. During my study of patience I have learned so much and still need to continue to learn, but one of my favorite scriptures on patience is James 1:3&4. We all know James 1:5, but I've rarely read the preceding verses. I love how it says to let patience work its perfect work (or something along those lines) and that is how we can become perfected. I still need to work on that.

This week anl investigator committed to a new date--and the first step is keeping the Word of Wisdom. She and I made a deal---starting from Sunday we are going to go a week of her keeping the Word of Wisdom and of me not "fapiqi"-ing (losing my temper). I really want to lose the tendency I have to feel annoyance or even offence, and so we are working together to overcome our weaknesses. It is hard, but I have made it a promise to God too. I have set a goal and made plans--so I am convinced I can improve. It is kind of exciting! With goal making, of course we are turning our eyes to June to set goals and make plans to make a come back. May was a hard month after our miracles in April, but we can do it. We have so many wonderful people----there is just something missing for each of them. I plan on working harder, praying longer, and really teaching to their needs in order to invoke the powers of Heaven to help with our Quest. God is not far from us.

We have been having less actives coming back because of the ward's efforts lately!!!! So amazing! We are so grateful for all their hard work! I feel like we are getting closer and closer with our wards, and as we do so, we are having more success. Still need to do a lot, but especially as we have been focusing on member referrals we have found increased support from the wards. It is awesome.

God loves us, and we love Him! I am so grateful for each day I have here in this beautiful mission. I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!
Thank you for all you do!

We keep you in our prayers! Love you family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

---Sister Brooke Smith

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