Sunday, June 24, 2012

HIS Missionaries

Dearest Family,

I learned a lot this week with my companion Sister Thomas. It was a week of trials for us, but as we leaned on the Lord and each other, we grew a lot. The work isn't going the way we expected it to be going. We are on on the fourth week of move call and as far as we can see, there is not going to be a baptism for us this month. But we cannot see all that God sees, so we still have hope. God is giving us trials to make us better. Maybe before we got by by doing a hi-hao (mediocre) job, but now He is demanding our all. So we are working hard to fix weakness after weakness. I do feel like I've become a much better missionary and I am having to rethink a lot of what I do as a missionary. Thus even though it was a hard week, I am very appreciative for Him and how He is shaping me and my companion into HIS missionaries.

One is having father troubles, another just isn't willing to listen to our message. However, the sister I contacted on my birthday has come to church both Sundays since and is awesome!!! As we continue to help her learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost will help her come up with her own solutions for some of her concerns. We are excited to see how she continues to progress.

The Book of Mormon has been what has really helped me through this week. That and prayer and the words of our living Prophets. I was especially comforted while I was reading in Jacob 5. God is here working right along side us. He is guiding our efforts. I feel the Spirit every day, touching my heart and telling me that this is God's work--this is His gospel. So I just need to take courage and a more worthy, obedient, and diligent missionary for my God. And we can do it! I know I can.

Thanks for being such a great family!!!
---Sister Brooke Smith

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