Sunday, June 24, 2012

I am fallin in love again! With the Book of Mormon of course:)

Dearest Family,

Another week of miracles for us here in East Tainan. We have a really solid week A (she is getting baptized on April 28th. She is a miracle referral from our dear 2nd ward Elders. Since meeting them on the road she has come to church every week and has just progressed beautifully. It was amazing to see how much hope she has in the cleansing power of the Atonement. We love her soo much and the ward is supporting her so well. Every Sunday night the singles have a family home evening. After church yesterday a few of the singles came up and invited her to the FHE. When we went, they had prepared an awesome lesson all about baptismal prep! It was sooo awesome!!!!! Everyone took turns sharing what they remembered most from their baptism, reviewing why we are baptized. It was awesome!!! Best members involvement ever.

This week we also found an amazing investigator from the second ward Elders. They are great! She is a member referral and has also been coming to church for the past three weeks. She was really shy of us missionaries at first, but last Sunday we set up a time we could make cookies together. At that meeting we were able to invite her to be baptized, and she has such a HUGE desire for that. She is 15 years old and since receiving a Book of Mormon a month ago has read into 2 Nephi and prays daily. She is awesome!!! However, after telling her family her plans, family opposition (fandui) hit. She was crying all day on Sunday at church because she was just crushed. We comforted her and said that God will prepare away as long as we are faithful. We had an awesome Sister help with the lesson who had a really horrible case of fandui. Her experiences seemed to really give our sweet sister hope. We will keep praying and the ward members have offered help. Her parents wouldn't let us come over, but we will try again. She is awesome! Fandui is killing us at the moment--three of our investigators could be baptized ANYTIME once they overcome the fandui. Sigh. Faith over fear!

As for our recent converts and less actives (RCLAs) we have just seen huge miracles with having our RCLAs becoming involved in the work with us. It helps all involved. We made cookies with another sister and she taught her first lesson in Relief Society this Sunday. It was soo good. Also, one of our RCs just finished some family history and had temple cards made up!!! It has really helped her develop a desire to enter the temple--and so she scheduled a time to receive a temple recommend! YAY! It is soo happy.

Sister Thomas is doing wonderfully, as always. She is just such a help to me--the perfect companion for me. Of course neither of us are perfect, but our strengths compliment each others weaknesses so nicely. It is also fun to see how we rub off onto each other---she is becoming more and more outgoing and courageous! I just love her so much. She has also started picking up some of my weird making sound effects for EVERYTHING. It is fun :).

I am falling in love again!!!!!!!!! With the Book of Mormon of course :). Since starting to train, I have really focused my studies on the Book of Mormon. Every single time I read it, I receive inspiration for our investigators and answers to my prayers. It is an amazing second witness of Jesus Christ. I just want everyone to love it!!!! We are working hard to help our investigators gain a greater love for the Book of Mormon by starting off our lessons with a scripture share. Still working on it, but it is going well.

I love you all soo much! Thanks for the Easter Package--we LOVED it. So yummy. This year we fed the peeps to our friends and they actually LIKED IT! Last year people were spitting them out and complaining about them being too sweet, but maybe since the food in Tainan is sweeter (actually true!) they liked it more. It was so funny! Sun DX really loves them--I am totally sending him peeps every year :). So funny.

My comp. and I have been craving the cabbage ramen salad thing we make sometimes--can you send me the recipe? I think I can make it here. Thanks!

This week has been pretty fun---Liang Jm made us dinner on Saturday and then on Sunday Li Jm made us dinner. So awesome. The poor second ward Elders don't have it so good. Oh well! We fed them some of our left overs...hahaha. Sisters are just more fun! :) Just kidding--we have amazing Elders here in our mission--including Elder Ripley! We had zone conference this week, but since he is in the North I didn't get a chance to see him. But I did meet his MTC companion--they were zone leaders in the MTC. Cool cool. Also, I was able to see Sister Bray and Sister Rigby's reflections (their last talk before going home). It was such a tender time. Sister Rigby shared how her mission has been all about the small and simple things. Sister Bray gave a really touching talk on "Deep Waters". She mentioned briefly about her mother's death, and it was just so amazing to see the woman she has become. Trials really do refine us. She is amazing. She can't wait to meet you all.

Well, we are about to head out to the beach!!!! It is about an hour an a half away from here on bike--but it is going to be so worth it. I have to go at least once!

Love you all so much! So proud of you all!!!!!!!!

------Sister Brookie Smith

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