Sunday, June 24, 2012

Heavenly Father really loves every one of us so much + Bowling and Pizza

Dearest Family!!

We have had a marvelous week!! With Sister Exchanges and language evaluations it seemed like there was never enough time in each day, but we tried to make the best use out of it that we could. We were really blessed to have so many people to plan for during weekly planning---our investigator pool is amazing!! I feel like there are so many souls on it that are very close to baptism. We are going to work so hard in April to be able to accomplish what the Lord wants us to do in order to help these souls come unto Him.
Our young boy is looking great for his baptism. We announced his baptismal service in both wards---so hopefully there will be a good turn out. His parents say they are probably moving back to a different ward in August or September. So things are looking really great with him and the Elders are focusing on helping strengthen the family too. Pretty exciting things! Also, this past Sunday we fasted for our two girls who both have family fandui. As soon as they have permission they can be baptized---any time! They have both passed interviews and are so ready. Both have an opportunity over the holiday to speak to their parents, so I have faith we will have our prayers answered soon. Heavenly Father loves them so much. Also, we have quite a few awesome new investigators that are starting to progress. It is so exciting!!!

We also had a miracle with one of our friends. She recently received a call. She seemed pretty excited about it at first, but when the day came around she wasn't at church. We talked to her on Saturday, so it seemed odd. We tried calling and she never answered---she had bujian-ed (disappeared) again!!! We included her in our fast and she wasn't at church again. We didn't know what to do--so we followed our plan and were going around the work when we found ourselves right by her house! It was so the Spirit's guidance!!! We knocked on her door and she was home. At first she acted bored by us and like the Church wasn't something she needed. But as we bore our testimonies to her, my companion and I felt the Spirit sooo strongly. She felt it too. At the end I asked her to pray, but she declined. I asked Sister Thomas to instead, but just that morning we'd studied in our companionship study revelation through prayer. We had practiced how to invite unwilling investigators to pray. She did what we practiced and after we bore our testimonies on prayer our friend gave a very humble kneeling prayer. I am so grateful for Sister Thomas! And then as we were leaving, a family in the ward was playing in the park by her house. They came over and started to guanxi her---we rode away to them all chatting together. It was such a blessing!!! Heavenly Father really loves every one of us so much.

As you can probably tell from the above story, Sister Thomas is doing sooo great!!!!!!!!! I love her sooo soo much. Everyday we come to appreciate each other more and more. She is just who I need at this time. And our investigators need her too. They all love her so much--and it is because she is radiating with the pure love of Christ. I love her so much!!!!

In the gospel study realm--I just love reading about covenants. This time around the Book of Mormon is really teaching me about what it means to make a covenant with God. I find such peace and security knowing that the Lord really is on my side--that as long as I keep my covenants, God will always keep His. It is also interesting to see the results of breaking covenants or being without covenants. It is always a sure way to have a miserable life! So I am grateful that the Lord has given His children such a loving gift of protection and guidance. He is the best!

Well we had an awesome zone activity today!! We went bowling (my high score was 111...yay!...sadly it was one of the highest out of like 20 missionaires) and then we went to Pizza hut for an all you can eat buffet. I am so full--but man, seeing the Elders eat was a little bit scary. They were beasts!! Lol. It was fun eating pizza that had corn and peas on it---or mayo and seafood. Interesting stuff here! I've attached a few pics.

Also, though we haven't had a baptism yet this transfer, three people I taught in different areas were baptized!!! SOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I know who a few of the trainers are--two Elders in my zone (one of whom is in my district) will be training---wouldn't that be cool if Caleb moved into my zone/district????

Well, all for now but I love you all tons and tons!

---Sister Brooke Smith

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