Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well, we will keep doing our best!!!

Dear Family!!!

This week has been pretty great!! We were able to make some really great plans for next week. Unfortunately we are still struggling to find and keep progressing investigators. Our week C, stopped answering our phone calls and didn't come to church...we talked to her extended family though and they will keep checking up on her. But we did have some cool experiences. One of our girls with Mother fandui gave her mom a Book Of Mormon for Mother's Day that she had marked up and written her testimony in. A step forward anyways. Another sister is getting more and more excited about baptism, but we still need to help her understand correct doctrine and keep commitments. She is really starting to have a strong desire though, so it will come.

As for RCLAs, we were really able to involve our recent converts in the missionary work this week. The Elder's recent convert went with us to an investigator's house and we made them dinner. It was great!! And a LA of ours came with us too. As they become more involved, they are able to feel the Spirit more and more.

Sister Thomas is doing great!!! She is getting better and better. However, her eye is still doing pretty poorly. We are going to make another trip to the doctor today. She should be clearing up soon.

As for goals, we were able to find 7 new adds this week, which was a major improvement!!!! And we were able to find 31 lessons even though a lot of plans were cancelled. So that was pretty awesome. We still need to work on getting member referrals though. We made some really cool pass along cards for our members though, so hopefully next week will be better.

Gospel study is such a precious time. This week I have been learning more and more about all the amazing missionaries in the Book of Mormon. I want to be just like them!!! I have been marking my BOM up specifically for missionary work, so it has really helped me identify things that I can work on.

Well, we will keep doing our best!!!

---Sister Brooke Smith

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