Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hoping for a White Christmas

Dearest Family, First off with the calling----last time the phone card didn't work and I had to use another Sister's card. So I can buy a phone card here and just call you--or you can call me either at 7am my time or 8am my time on Dec. 26th. On Christmas itself here it wouldn't be too good because we have church at 9am and ward correlation until 9pm. As to this week, it was soo amazing being able to go to the temple today! I feel very uplifted and an increased desire to work with all diligence so many more families can become eternal and partake of the blessings of the temple. This past week was a bit slow, but we are working hard to make sure we can have a really really white Christmas! We have two for sure!!!! baptisms on/near Christmas. And then we have one more dear sister who is soooo close to baptism, but is still struggling to overcome opposition. She also is having lack of confidence, so we'll work on fixing that up and I feel the Lord will have all the other pieces fall into place. Our other dear friend is doing really great with the mother approval--should have it by the end of the week. And cute little nine year old boy--(kind of makes me think of how another one of my friends must have been when he was baptized) is set on being baptized on the 24 (or I guess the 25th if we aren't allowed to have Saturday afternoon baptisms). So we are really really excited!!! As for our special efforts to hit goals and get our new members at church--we have really been working with our ward missionary leaders to involve the members in the efforts. We also have started going on splits every Tuesday nights because we spend so many of our precious evenings in meetings! Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays all have meetings! So we are trying to involve the work and get back some of our evening time. Thus far it has been working really really well! We have been taking RCs and soon-to-be-sister missionaries with us. We love it! As for the Gospel Study realm, I have been trying harder to studying for the needs of my investigators and I really can tell the Lord has been helping us to make better plans as we study for them. It has been pretty cool! It seems everyday I will be reading something that just perfectly matches their needs! Heavenly Father is soo good to us. Well, all for now, as we are lacking on time after the temple trip. But it was worth it!!! Love, --Sister Brooke Smith PS. That is pretty cool about Grandma Jackie! That will be fun to see her when I come home.

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