Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pet Cockroaches!

OK, so it is kind of hard to see the cockroach in that pic---but he is there!! ALWAYS THERE! I named him (well my comp and I did) because he is just always there.

Dear Family!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We are soo excited to have a white Christmas! The Lord has really heard our prayers and we will be having two baptisms this week (when on Christmas Eve and one on Christmas Day)!!! We've worked out all the details with the wards, baptismal interviews are good; we are ready to roll. It has been such a major blessing and I am so grateful that the Lord trusted us to help out with these two precious souls' journey back to him. Our 18 year old has received parental permission and it has really been such a huge testimony builder for her. Her member friend (who is also a new member, and is who referred her to us) will be coming from Xinzhu to speak at her baptism. It is so exciting! Our ward has been so influential in helping her progress. There is actually a member from our ward who lives in the dormitory as our investigator! She would go over and read scriptures with our investigator--which was such a big help. And our other investigator, who is nine years old...(I LOVE HIM!!!! He is my new adopted baby brother) is ready for baptism because of his mother's good example (she is a relatively new member) and the friendship of the ward. Without our members we wouldn't have success. I love this work! He reminds me soo much of how another friend of mine must have been when he was little and meeting with the missionaries. It has been a very sweet experience teaching him the Gospel for me. And we are getting very close to completing their family! Still have a dad to baptize...he will come soon :).
As for our less active work, we keep seeing miracles with one sister. It was soo cool!!! I was really touched to see the progress with her family. It was soo awesome!! I really felt the Spirit and know that God has such a love for this family. Earlier this week when we had visited her, she had a very emotional moment with her. So now she has a desire to strengthen her own testimony and bring her family back too! It is soo great!
In the gospel area, I have just loved reviewing the new conference Ensign (thanks for sending it family!!). I read part of Boyd K. Packer's address and I just love that poem, "Fast and Slow". I think I'll memorize it :). I have been working really hard to re-memorize the Book of Mormon scripture mastery's, and I am doing pretty good so far! It is fun and helpful.
As for cool Christmas stuff--we are having a huge Christmas celebration thing at the Mission Office and since we leave nearby we are singing in it! Woohoo! Also we have a mission Christmas meeting on the 23rd, should be exciting. We also have a little Christmas "shrine" (as my comp calls it) up in our study is AWESOME! I love the nativity Sarah sent me. It is AWESOME. We love the advent calendars as well. The whole package was so amazing---thanks for being so sweet. Love the almond rocha. Sorry the package for you all is going to be a little on the late side...oh well! I wrapped all the presents up so it is fun. Oh, and Daddy's present is something I captured myself. It was part of my dinner. Hehehehe.....

Glad to hear you all are doing well! Hope you have a fun party for Daddy!

Love you all and talk to you soon!!!!
Thanks and Merry Christmas!
----Sister Brooke Smith

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