Sunday, June 24, 2012

Facemasks and Miracles

Dearest Family,

We saw a lot of miracles this week and they just keep coming! We were able to meet with a boy who wants to be baptized. He has passed his interview and is ready to go, but we had those complications with the wards. So it looks like he will be baptized on April 7th!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So awesome!!! He has been taught by missionaries many times over the last few years, but now he is finally ready. So exciting. Such a miracle!!! Also, the investigator I added on my birthday, has come to church every week since we met! She is amazing and although she still has some obstacles to overcome, I know she will be able to be baptized soon. She calls herself my "twin sister"...not that we look anything alike but because we have a lot of the same mannerisms...hehe, she is soo cute. Last Sunday she gave my companion and I a huge poster of Jeremy Lin---he is like such a huge thing over here. It was hilarious. I have a lot of faith in her. Also, we had this great lesson with a young lady. We role played with her about how to talk to her dad in order to overcome fandui. It really helped her come up with some great things and we have faith she will be able to be baptized near the beginning of April as well. So the sun has come up and Heavenly Father is really blessing us.

As for less active work---we have been trying to involve more members in the work and it has been a lot of fun. Also the Relief Society and the young women had a combined dinner party night. We were able to stop by for just a little bit right before the Elder's baptisms, and there were sooo many of our friends there!!! It was so great! The women were doing such a great job of loving and involving them--it was AWESOME. In the more relaxed setting we were able to joke and get to know each other--I learned all their names and a little about them. Then on Sunday I was able to say hi to them by name it was just really fun. And the members were great at guanxi-ing (caring for? ) them.

Sister Thomas is doing so great---I love her so much. We just have so much fun working together. Last night we were able to have another miracle with one of our dear families. We were running on our back up plan and as we standing close to their door a lady from the street called to us. Turns out she is a former and wants to meet again! She stopped meeting with the missionaries after her brother went to the hospital and just lost contact while he was getting better. So we are outside our friend's house, talking to their neighbor, when the mother comes out and starts chatting with her. Eventually her daughters came outside too and then we all decided to move inside! They really clicked. It was soo awesome!! And Sister Thomas just brings such a light to the work. She is great at comforting, supporting, laughing with/at? ( :) ), and loving me. She is such a great missionary.

As for gospel study, I just love the Book of Mormon so much. I can find revelation within its pages for any situation---it really is the best source for lesson planning. I am reading King Benjamin's address again and I just love that we have prophets! There was a really good verse where he asked people to open their hearts and minds to his words---and that is exactly what we need to be doing for general conference. SO excited!!!!

Oh, and Sarah's poster looks soo good! So funny--we love superman soo much :P. Hope you all are doing great and thanks for all the love and support. Today we had a district less email time. But I have attached pics. And some of me and my comp using the face masks mom sent! So funny.

Love you all,

Sister Brooke Smith

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