Sunday, June 24, 2012



It was such an awesome week this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Power week ended up being super fun and productive. I think one of the biggest reasons for our success is that Sister Fitzpatrick and I were working together in unity. We have fun everyday because we both love missionary work. And we love having success. One Sister is doing really great--they are having family scripture study and prayer every night now. We invited them to invite the father to join in as well. After the amazing Stake Conference we had, we went over and visited them. It turns out that we might have to readjust that goal. However it is our goal to baptize the whole family. And another sister totally passed her baptismal interview this past Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So she will be baptized on Feb. 25th :) :).

As for other investigators...yes, still working on that part. But we are excited for this week's challenge of working with members everyday to find new investigators. I have faith that as we do our part Heavenly Father will bless us. Yesterday we had a great time (as well as productive time) visiting our Bishops and their families. One Bishop was still in meetings, but it was still really great to get to know his family better. She loves us--she was like, "Today is Power work with members day? Awesome, lets PARTY!!!!!" The word "party" was in English, and was accompanied by arm pumps into the air. It was adorable! I love her sooooo much! She was like, "Let me go find something for us to eat--you can't have power without food!" But since we'd just eaten we were able to dissuade her. She has two little babies, so cute!!!! So we had fun with them for a little bit and then went on our way. I want to have a family just likes hers one day! They are such a righteous family.

Also our less actives are becoming stronger and stronger!! The two we have been working with every week-- both came to Stake Conference---one was picked up by members. It was awesome. Also, during some dead time last week, I decided to call the less actives in the phone and invite them to Stake Conference. One Sister totally came!!! It was awesome--especially since the Bishop asked us about her during our Sunday visit. We are excited to work more with her family.

My gospel study this week has been focused on repentance and redemption. I feel the more I learn about the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the more strongly I believe it is true. As I was sharing my feelings about these two topics in companionship study, the Spirit really bore witness to me that this is why I am here. People need to know they can change. They need to know they can be born again--be pure again. I was really touched at Stake Conference when the choir sang. I looked into their faces and saw my recent converts (or how I imagine my recent converts will look like after several years as active members). It was a special moment for me. I know God lives and loves us all so much!!

So some fun things that happened with power week---one day (Power talk to everyone day) we knocked on 108 doors and talked to 98 people!!! We had a total of 39 lessons---16 of which were accompanied by members! We were rejected a lot--including rejection from this giant pig. Ok, let me explain a bit. So a little ways down the road from the church is this HUGE HOG! We call it the "pig in a blanket" since in the winter they just throw a blanket on top of it and you can't really tell what it is. So last week was the first time I saw it outside of the blanket (it is already starting to get super hot again...sigh). We were stopped at a red light, so I decided to play a game--spread the gospel to every creature. So I said, "If you like to eat, wag your tail". Immediately the tail started to move. Awesome right? Wag =yes. Now I was ready to ask the good questions. "Do you want to meet with us?"---tail wagged. "Do you want to come to church?"--tail wagged more intensely. Ok, I was ready for the big one, "Will you be baptized?"---and then the tail came to an absolute stand still!!!!!!!! It was hilarious--the timing was perfect. The light turned green and as I road of rejected, I called back, "I knew you were Buddhist!!! Its because their vegetarian, isn't it?!" Lol, at least my companion and I were laughing FOREVER. We have so much fun :).

Well, all for now, but much love! I am still happy---even if I do get rejected by pigs and every one else :). God loves me! And He loves you.

---Sister Brooke Smith

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